About Us

About Us

About Us

Krytyna, the European half of Le De Sociale is currently residing in the northern part of Greece.

Having lived in Melbourne for 13 years, she was able to immerse herself in the city’s culture and develop a deep love for everything and anything creative and new.

Fashion, travel, art, architecture, food, music, culture are what she enjoys most, and thus her thirst to explore more aspects of all those fields has taken her back to Greece, back to Europe.

What makes Krystyna the happiest are the summer days spent by the Mediterranean blue waters of Greece. This includes her love of exploring old streets and towns, reading Greek literature, eating food and drinking wine.

Her motto in life is to live and love to the fullest, and lead a life accompanied by great friends, family travel and a cheeky glass of red wine.

This is a window into her life …

Giana loves every aspect of design. She breathes and lives on creativity, which includes Architecture, Fashion & Photography.

A travel bunny at a young age, she was immersed in a world of change and nurtured herself to always question and push the boundaries.

Southeast Asia soon became home again after deciding to move away from Melbourne, Australia.

For a long time I was fighting the battle to come back. That was when I realized home represented my culture and soul.”

For Giana caffeine is best served in a quaint cafe and after/before spending a day hunting at the local vintage store. She enjoys the simplicity of quiet moments & curling up with a good book. In the kitchen, she enjoys cooking for others and taking up the challenge of figuring out what her next culinary adventure might be.

“Their shared philosophy? The perfect chemistry to life is being able to tell your own story…”