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I can’t remember how I got myself to plan this trip to Bangkok. It must have been the combination of shopping, idea of pampering and getting time off to relax.On top of which the dates fell perfectly into  birthday celebrations for my younger sister and my cousins. For those travelling into Bangkok at this time of the year (April ) , you should definitely experience their New Year called Songkran.

Vaguely, in my memory of travels to Chiang Mai. The celebration of Songkran is done by water pouring. This act of water pouring is a symbol of washing away all of their sins and bad luck  during the new year. 

So, here we are in 2015. Feeling confident and excited about facing a water fight in the hottest spot in Bangkok for Songkran. Khao San Road holding many sentimental flashbacks of my travels to Bangkok. A teenager at 17 in the heights of backpacking, At 21 where temple and culture took over , Moving on to 28 where an impromptu buying trip will forever place the scene similar to the movie The Hang Over with my girlfriends. Bangkok you have not failed to etch an experience.

Extremely optimistic and quite clueless we were ready to take on the Thai New Year. How can anything go wrong? with 3 birthday celebrants and days to find new apparels. We figured it would be like any other trip we have made.

Let me cut to the chase , There is only one way to receive this celebrations: Be Open, Expect to get Super Soaked and be Prepared to Fight your way through a crowd.

Khao San Road turned out to be 100 x larger than the normal party scene. Talking about a 3 day rave on the streets, in clubs and alley ways. We were shot by water in every way possible. Incredible how the water battles begin at 10 am and went on till the wee hours. I submitted my white flag every evening to call it a day.

It’s a cultural experience to last me a lifetime. One down the bucket list!